Tuesday, January 7, 2020

Fr Ambrose Pinto Memorial Lecture 2020

Fr Ambrose Pinto, SJ, Memorial Lecture will be held on the 10th January 2020 at St. Joseph's College, Auditorium, from 3.00 - 4.00 PM.

Sunday, December 23, 2018

Christmas 2017

Ambrose Pinto, SJ, Christmas 2017 published in New Leader, December 16-31, 2017

Monday, April 9, 2018

Freedom for Faith by Fr Ambrose Pinto, SJ

“Freedom for Faith” is one of the last articles Fr Ambrose Pinto, S.J. published in print and online media. This was published in Irish Jesuit’s The Messenger magazine in the January issue of 2018. Published here with Editor’s consent. 

Thursday, January 25, 2018

Why India Needs A Secular President by Ambrose Pinto

Source: http://www.indiancurrents.org/ (Published in Indian Currents on 24th July 2017, Volume XXIX, Issue 30)

A secular democracy needs a secular President. With the BJP government in power questions have been raised about the adherence of the central government to the secular tenets of the Constitution.

 Report on the attacks on places of worship of minority communities and their personnel, atrocities on Dalits and Muslims in the name of cow protection, rhetoric of “Ghar Wapsi” or reconversion, curbs on universities, colleges and NGOs, sedition charges on students for expressing their views, raids on the media and political opponents and public expression of intolerance on those who oppose the hidden agenda of the party in power have been reported in the worldwide media.

Re-Inventing Jesuit Mission by Ambrose Pinto

Source: http://indiancurrents.org/ - (Published in Indian Currents, on 24th October 2016, Volume XXVIII, Issue 43)

 “The white pope (Francis) and the black pope [i] are from Latin America," tweeted South African Cardinal Wilfred Fox Napier in reaction to the election of Fr. Arturo Sosa SJ as the General of the Society of Jesus on 14th October 2016. It was a historic moment for the Jesuits and the Church. In its 476 years of history, the Order had 30 Superior Generals - all of them came from Europe. The 212 electors on 14th October 2016 created history by electing a non-European from Venezuela, Latin America in the very first ballot after spending two weeks together in Rome.

Saturday, December 23, 2017

Monday, December 18, 2017

No Fish to Eat-Impact of Liberalisation by Ambrose Pinto

Published in Economic and Political Weekly, Vol. 30, Issue No. 4, 28 Jan, 1995
Commentary Ambrose Pinto, Berin Leekas, Latha Radhakrishnan
In spite of the now well known effects of mechanised boats on fish catch as well as on the economy of the traditional fishing community, the government of India has now opened Indian waters to foreign fishing vessels. Protesting against this invasion which will have a disastrous impact on the economy and the social life of fisherfolk, are both traditional fisherfolk as well as mechanised boat operators.

KARNATAKA-Lobbies Fuel Dissidence by Ambrose Pinto

Published in Economic and Political Weekly, Vol. 28, Issue No. 35, 28 Aug, 1993

to note that the dissolution of the Karbi Anglong Council has been the second clear case of dismissal of a communist-led government since the toppling of the EMS Namboodiripad government in Kerala in 1959. Of course, there are very many major differences between a district council under the Sixth Schedule of Indian Constitution and a fulI -fledged state government and also between the contexts of Left-led governments in Kerala and West Bengal and the ASDC-led district council of Karbi Anglong. From the point of view of communist practice, the latter context is in fact more challenging in several ways

Fillip to Land transfers Land Acquisition Bill, 1988 by Ambrose Pinto

Published in Economic and Political Weekly, Vol. 33, Issue No. 49, 05 Dec, 1998

maternal mortality in the index but cite lack of accurate data as the reason for not using the same. The exclusion of maternal well-being from the calculus of reproductive well-being reduces the utility of the RHI. With all the inherent limitations it would have been advisable to consider these other indicators of reproductive health like maternal mortality, proportion of women remaining childless at ages 45-49 to construct the RHI INDEX CONSTRUCTION An analysis of the computed RHI reveals that the variability among the seven variables is not uniform.

Caste Conflict in Karnataka by Ambrose Pinto

Published in Economic and Political Weekly, Vol. 27, Issue No. 28, 11 Jul, 1992

Mukti programme extremely useful in order to evade the land ceiling act of the state government. Moreover, this apparently liberal attitude that is shown by the big peasants toward Laxmi Mukti certainly hdps them in earning the goodwill of Sharad Joshi and respect from others in the Sanghtana. The Laxmi Mukti programme is criticised by some of the noted women activists on one more ground

KARNATAKA-Institutionalised Corruption by Ambrose Pinto

Published in Economic and Political Weekly, Vol. 27, Issue No. 35, 29 Aug, 1992

hostility and persecution has been allowed to continue. The government allowed the district babu to abuse her. Nothing was done to change her work conditions. She was kept a slave of the department. Why not? Was she not a Lodha? Was not she given a job? The university authorities did nothing to throw out the caste-baiter. And the commission appointed by the government submitted its report three days after her death.